Générateur de noms d'horreurs lovecraftienne (anglophone)

  1. The Winged Monster of Clen-sogothla-thras
  2. The Flying Goat of Aza'hoth-thranhotep'xon
  3. The Obscene Abomination of Yu-endox'ho-lyth-nar
  4. The Sliding Servants of Myy'oss'oth'gonzyan
  5. The Repulsive Creature of Azar-orve'azar-zal'khee
  6. The Formless Bane of Ith'atenthathzyag-gash
  7. The White Slave of Tak-igogonac-ugha
  8. The Sightless Butcher of Thac-lash'olhio-brix-igu
  9. The Infinite Swimmer of Kla'hoth-thotepzhux'tha
  10. The Faceless Mutant of Nyog-orve'lash-lyehush