Générateur de noms anglophones d'horreurs lovecraftienne

  1. The Red Creature of Soth'gnasszyag-thorc
  2. The Dread Mutant of Mhee'yoninthun
  3. The Unknown Hydra of Nil'goth'lyth-thristyen
  4. The Feral Outsider of Eha-zay'oggua
  5. The Goulish Giant of Othaiguekeshazak
  6. The Infernal Brood of Kei-nac'zal'ghagon
  7. The Indestructible Scourge of Mhee-ulhu'ulhi'thoth'yaya
  8. The Jabbering Entity of Uukpunarzhothoth
  9. The Necrotic Brute of Gag-ian
  10. The Gaunt Maggot of Kha'aten-zyagekesh-grunark